Easyjet hand luggage

Easyjet hand luggage

It is well known that Easyjet does not always easy on the hand luggage Easyjet. On this website we tell you everything about the cabin Easyjet. If you do not stick to the hand refused.

Make your home Easyjet hand luggage

To avoid unpleasant surprises are to come home it is wise to check the correct sizes. Easyjet contre always teaches strict on the baggage that goes along with the plane of Easyjet. Regularly the Easyjet cabin towards the plane checked for size and weight. You would not be the first that no hand luggage.

What’s with the overhead luggage Easyjet

For hand luggage with Easyjet you must pay attention to the following dimensions: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. That’s not much, but it is also only for the road, so how much do you need? You may also only 1 piece of hand baggage with Easyjet. So if you want a laptop, camera or makeup bag? They should all in this one case. And watch the weight is 10 pounds. Again the tip, so check the cabin home.

What happens to the cabin that is denied?

Yes, that is a nightmare of course, if your hand luggage Easyjet refused. If this is so and the staff takes your luggage d’r break, you sometimes have the ability to produce them in check so your bag to as “baggage” at the bottom of the hold. In this case it cost you € 40 euros.

Easyjet hand luggage and contents

What may not be all in hand luggage Easyjet? If you are a kind of liquid with you, you hand it in security. This can in a resealable plastic bag which is 20×20. If there are more is detected 100ml of liquid, this is not disposed in the plane. The following products should therefore not count!

  • gels more than 100 ml
  •  papachtige materials more than 100 ml
  •  lotions more than 100 ml
  •  cosmetics liquid over 100ml

ATTENTION! For babies you can not have a hand baggage and you should therefore all the baggage of their parents. (A pram, however, carried free of charge)

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